Monday, 23 March 2015

March Favourites | Beauty, Books, and more!!!

I hope everyone reading this had a superb month of March!  I, personally, had a wonderful month. I was born in March so naturally my birthday was this month.
The days have been longer and warmer and I'm not complaining. Bring on the summer!
I have been trying out a few new products lately so I think I will present my beauty favourites first.
Benefit Roller Lash Mascara
I've already spoken about this product in a previous post so I won't dwell here for too long. This is a lengthening, curling mascara. It has an amazing hold on your lashes that lasts all day. I would be cautious, however, if applying a second layer as it does have a tendency to clump. This has been my go to mascara, this month. If you would like to read a more in depth review click here.
Real Techniques Contour Brush
One of the main reasons that i have avoided contouring in the past is because I didn't have a brush that did the job properly.
For months upon months I had my eye on the Core Collection brush set by Real Techniques. Mid way through January I finally picked it up and, boy was I glad I did! These brushes are shockingly like kitten's fur (the more I think about it, the more concerned I become). For such a small price, you get such good quality! If you are unsure about buying these brushes I would advise you to jump on the bandwagon because quite frankly, they're amazing!
NYX Blush: Taupe
It's great having good quality brushes but if you have no products to use them for, that's when things get problematic.
Until recently, NYX products were not available in Ireland. Thankfully places, like Foody's on Harcourt Street, have started retailing them. NYX is an brilliant makeup brand as I quickly learnt. I had Flushed which is a beautiful deep pink colour, but i was even more impressed with Taupe. I have heard numerous bloggers praising this product and i wanted to give it a try.
I constantly have the problem that contour colours are too dark for me and bronzers are warm toned. This product, however, is simply perfect. I think this would suit any skin tone. It gives a beautiful natural shadow and really adds dimension to a face. This is a grey toned brown contour colour but is not ashy.
NYX Lipstick
Another appearance from NYX! I have fallen in love with the brand. Lately I have been wearing one lipstick- 565. It is the most creamy, buttery lipstick! It is my staple lip colour but a teensy tiny bit darker. It's perfect!  I will admit that is not very longlasting but it fades gracefully. I have to applaud them on the very original shade names (sarcasm).
This is my perfect lip colour and I wear it each time I go out.
This has been a year full of books, so far. I'm starting my thirtieth book today. *cue applause*. Here are some of my favourite books from March...
The Harry Potter Series by J. K Rowling
I read these books for the first time years ago! I reread the series recently and it brought back so many happy memories! Sadly there was nobody in my family who had read the books, so I had no one to fangirl with. That was, until my cousin started reading them!!! Now I can happily discuss all of  my favourite characters with her!
J.K Rowling is an absolute genius! I really never wanted the series to end. The bond you develop with the characters is unbreakable. You feel like you have known the characters for years. She has a phenomenal talent for writing! (Btw, myself and Luna could be sisters!). It has such a beautiful plot.
I could talk about these books for hours, but let's keep moving!
The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey
I've never been into aliens but when Maeve recommended this I knew I had to try it out. This book is about aliens taking over the world, gradually weeding out all of the humans with different stages. I was quite confused at times but the main plot was very interesting.
This book is told from 4 different perspectives (like the Divergent series) and sometimes I wished that it showed who was speaking at the beginning of each section. I found myself rereading chapters because it made no sense if the character I assumed was speaking was speaking.
There are a few plot twists, to say the least! I really love some of the scenes in this book and others I'm still mulling over
Really, I could include tea in every monthly favourites post but this month I've stepped outside my Barry's tea comfort zone. I have been trying out strange types of tea. Recently I have been loving NETTLE tea. You would be surprised by how good this tastes. My mum still gives me concerned looks when I offer her some. I guess she'll never know the extent of the power of tea.
I love Heath & Heather Nettle tea. This only cost me €2.19 for a packet with 20 sachets.
Although this is amazing, I think I'll always go back to my regular Barry's!
You may not have heard of him but, darn, he is good. His name is (actually, legally) BriBry and he's Irish. He's a YouTuber and musician and guess who's going to see him in concert on the 18th of August! My favourite songs are Your Life Over Mine and Astronauts.
For my birthday, my extremely generous parents got me a beautiful ukulele. It is made of cherry wood and has a built in tuner (!!!). I had asked for one for my birthday so we went around a few shops looking for the best one. It not only looked better than the rest but it definitely sounded about 100x better. I love it to pieces and in the last week alone I have been practicing, practicing, practicing and learnt about four songs.
The sequel to Divergent was released this month and I was eager to see it. I personally was not a fan of the books. The first time I read them I quite enjoyed them but the second time round I was quite as convinced. I found the books extremely monotonous in parts. The Divergent movie however was brilliant. It was full of action and romance and amazingness! Insurgent was also an excellent movie with the same good traits, except the romance, but I felt that unlike the book it was too fast paced. I would appreciated if they had slowed things down a bit. On the whole it was a great movie.
The reason that I have included no pictures is because I've been away while writing this and I wasn't able to to take any pictures. Sorry!
I hope you enjoyed this post. It could easily be my longest to date! Thank you for reading.
Until next time!
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Friday, 20 March 2015

Apple & Rain | Book Review

Never in the history of this blog have I ever done a book review. It's a bit of a pity though as I read sooo much! Recently, author, Sarah Crossan came to our school to give some of my year a talk.

I was interested in what she had to say and decided to pick one of her books at the first chance I got. I had had my eye on Apple & Rain for a few weeks and I decided to pick it up.

I didn't realise at the time but this book has been nominated for the CB Award which is an award for books written by Irish authors or authors that now live in Ireland. Each year they select the Ireland's favourite books for children and young adults to be put forward in the hope of becoming the winner.

I really enjoyed the use of language in this book. It is a nice break from difficult words and sentences that you have to read multiple times to understand. This book basically reads to you itself and I finished this book in two days. The language is easy to follow but it still enjoyable to read.

In my opinion there were too many clichés.  The plot was predictable. I wasn't on the edge of my seat at any part throughout the book. I would have much prefered if it had taken a few more unexpected turns.

The book seemed to drag on and it was repeating itself. I wasn't curious to see what would come at the end because I could guess pretty accurately.

Another issue I had was that there were too many unrealistic scenes. There was too much romance in this book for it to be about twelve year olds!!! Excuse me, but that just doesn't happen.

I hate that this post comes across as a very negative review because I think Sarah Crossan has a lot of potential. If I could give her one piece of advice I would tell her to not follow a set format and to think outside the box a bit more.

I haven't read any of her other books so I don't know if the minor disappointment that was Apple & Rain was a once off. I know a lot of people enjoyed The Weight of Water so perhaps I should give that a go.

Although I didn't rate this book very highly, I am seriously considering changing my name to Apollinia Apostalopoulou.

I hope you enjoyed this post and I hope I haven't offended anyone with my harsh opinion. I can't wait to review some more books! If you have any recommendations don't hesitate to leave a quick comment.

If any of you have read this book please share you views also.

Until next time,

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Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Benefit Roller Lash Review

Hi there!

I've only ever owned the small versions of Benefit products. In all honesty I haven't been blown away by the quality of what I have tried so far. I still always get a bit weak at the knees while browsing their counter. What's not to love about that packaging?

As part of my birthday present I received the Benefit Roller Lash. I had heard mixed reviews and I was excited to try it out for myself . I've spent the last week developing my thoughts on it and I can finally say that I have reached a conclusion.

My main problem with Bad Gal Lash by Benefit was that after a few hours it had been deposited on your face. It was the only Benefit mascara I had tried so I was worried that Roller Lash might be the same. I had no reason to worry though. Roller Lash holds your lashes in place, perfectly, all day! Not once have I experienced it transferring onto my under eye area.

Roller Lash has tiny hooks on their bristles (?) that are designed to pull your lashes up and out. This is a lengthening and defining mascara in my opinion.

This is a very lengthening and defining mascara. They claim that you do not need to use an eyelash curler in conjunction with this product and I agree! Your lashes do not lose shape during the day and remain in the same position for hours!

If you stick to one coat of mascara you won't have to worry about it clumping, but I found that applying a second coat does give a clumpy effect. This doesn't concern me however as I generally prefer to stick to one layer of mascara.

I am a big fan of the packaging! The lid has a rubber texture which makes it very easy to grip. It sits comfortably in your hand which is key.

My verdict?
Although this is my current most used mascara I don't think that you should drop what you're doing and run to the closest place that sells Benefit products, to pick it up. It is an all round great product but the price tag is a bit much.

Lots of love,

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Friday, 13 March 2015

New Blog Name!!!

Hey there!

As you may have already noticed, I have just changed my blog name. I hope you like the name and the new banner that goes with it. I know that the new name means a lot more than Tres Jolie.

It's still the same person running this blog. It has not changed ownership for whatever reason.

I am so excited to get posting more consistently. Expect great things in the near future!

This is a very quick post but I thought I'd mention it briefly.

I can't wait to upload some posts! Until then!!!

Clare xxx

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Monday, 9 March 2015

5 Steps to Being Happier

Hi there!

Lately I've been getting stressed out about school and other things. I'm not usually a worrier but I decided to take action.

I, personally, work better when I have a list or a plan so I decided to make just that. I wrote down a list of things to make me happy and this week I feel so much better.

I thought I'd help you out by sharing this list with you

1) Take days one at a time.
Recently I've been worrying about events days in advance. Before I fall asleep at night I like to think about what I'm excited about for the next day. If there is something that I'm worried about the next day, I try to think of how I can improve the situation.

2) Go to bed early
This sounds like a silly one but honestly, I feel so much better if I've had a good night's sleep. I feel fresher and more alert. I decide, instead of watching television, I will go to bed that bit earlier. Try this for a couple of nights and you will experience a huge change!

3) Talk to someone
Talking to people has such a positive reaction, even if it is a totally unrelated topic to your issues. This will distract your mind and you will instantly feel better.

4) Keep a diary
I doubt I will ever stop recommending writing a diary. I find it so helpful. Each night, I take the time to write down what has happened and how I feel. I have learnt that if you keep your problems bottled away you will think about them more. Once the problems are out on paper they will seem less daunting.

5) Take time to do something fun
You don't need a lot of time to do something enjoyable. It costs nothing to go for a walk and you'll feel so refreshed afterwards. Sometimes a little retail therapy is needed. Everyone needs time to relax and distract themselves from other worries!

I hope you liked these quick tips. If you have any tips of your own, don't hesitate to send me a quick comment.

Until next time!!!

Clare xxx

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