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Benefits of Having Short Hair | Pale and Interesting


Just the other day, I was watching a video by Ella Snyder titled "How to Love Your Short Hair!". I was inspired to spread the message so here is my little input.

Until last year I had chest-length hair. My hair is very very thick and it was a nightmare to wash and maintain. When I was younger up until the age of about ten, I had a chin-length bob.

My hair at the moment is at a short-medium length and just reaches my shoulders. I have every intention of getting it cut shorter as I love the look of a messy bob!

The first reason I love my short hair is because it's so easy to keep it looking well. A lot less shampoo is needed to wash short hair and it takes a couple of minutes to wash. Let's not forget that it takes a fraction of the time to dry!

 Long, thick hair in summer is an absolute nightmare. My hair was so thick that I couldn't put it in a bun. This meant that I constantly had sweaty hair stuck to the back of my neck. Short hair is so much lighter and it makes one feel freer!

Short hair is soooo classy! Look at the likes of Taylor Swift and Lily Collins and tell me they don't look hella classy. Having my short hair down just makes me feel vogue. (Trying to incorporate the word "vogue" into my everyday life.)

With short hair you can pull off styles that would have been beyond the realms of possibility before (they look better on short hair at least). This might not be the case with people with thinner hair but from experience as a thick haired gal I find that you can do so much more with short thick hair.

Let's be real, that half up bun thing looks better on short haired people and that look is so in right now.

Short hair, for me, marked a certain stage in my life when I gained some maturity and I think that short hair does demonstrate maturity.

Sometimes I do wish that I had my gorgeous, flowing locks back but then I remember how I can rock the heck out of that half-up-bun!

As Ella said in her video, if you are considering getting the chop, just do it! What's the worst that can happen? If you don't like it you can simply grow it out!

And in you have particularly long hair you can arrange to donate your hair to a charity that makes wigs for those who have lost their hair as a result of chemotherapy.

If styled correctly, short hair can suit everybody!

These are just a few of the many benefits of having short hair!
I hope you will reconsider making the change!

Thanks for reading!
Clare x

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  1. You have amaaazing hair
    I had shorter hair for a while and it looked awful on me. wish I could rock it like u <33