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Live Love London Review | Pale and Interesting


I got home today to find a huge package from Live Love London. You can imagine the delight I felt when I found it after a long week in school - a great start to the weekend!

Live Love London is an English brand. If you live in the UK, you can buy it in BCS but if not, you can buy it online. Their packaging is quite reminiscent of the Makeup Revolution and is very eye-catching. The packaging is primarily black with a reflective rainbow font. Their products are very affordable and it seems they have something for everyone.

Baked Highlighter
I was first sent the Highlighter. This is absolutely gorgeous! It can easily be built up to be opaque which gives a beautiful otherworldly effect. It is very eye-catching and applies very easily. If you would prefer a more subtle look you can apply it with a lighter hand and dust some of your powder on top. This highlight is yellow toned but seems to have flecks of each colour of the rainbow.

Matte Bronzer Powder
I next found the Matte Bronzer Powder. Before trying it I was quite dubious as I feared it would make my skin look orange. I was wrong and I absolutely love it. It has earned a place in my daily makeup routine. It warms up my skin without making it look orange. As I have pale skin this is often a worry but this product delighted me.
The product is buttery and can be applie very easily. It is buildable and even in coverage so it doesn't look patchy on the skin. Depending on what look you're going for, you can modify the application by applying it lightly or heavily.

They sent me two lipsticks, "Matte Pink Day" and "Intense Peach Date". Blank is a matte Barbie pink shade. Although it isn't usually categorized as my favourite shade, I was eager to try them out as Summer is right around the corner and these are very suitable shades for the season.
This, however, was the major downfall of the package. I am very sad to say that the quality of these lipsticks was not at the standard that the other products warranted.
The shades looked gorgeous in the bullet but as soon as I applied them to my lips I was very disappointed. "Intense Peach" was relatively pigmented but made the the condition of my lips look atrocious! The other shade, Matte Pink Day, simply did not show up on my lips. It was so faint that it barely even showed up in swatches.
Possibly, the worst part of all was the scent. I hate to sound too negative but it was quite possibly the most repulsive scent that I have gotten from a lipstick. I was slightly disconcerted as you ingest most of the lipstick you apply to your lips so I didn't want to be eating anything that smelled like that!
Having said these things about the lipsticks, I do want to reiterate the fact that I enjoyed all the other products immensely. I just wish to say that the lipsticks are not worth your money.


Love Your Eyes Eyeshadow Palette
The final thing Live Love London sent me was the Love Your Eyes Eyeshadow Palette. I love the packaging as it is very sleek and pulchritudinous. It is lightweight and compact but not flimsy - perfect for travelling. Each of the shades are highly pigmented. The selection of colours is beautiful. There is a vast collection of alternative shades that wouldn't usually stand out as being my go-to shades. When I got this palette, I was prompted to use the more adventurous shades and I will admit that I absolutely loved some of them!

The eyeshadows were creamy and buttery. Some were slightly difficult to apply and/or blend but for the most part, the standard was very high. I had so much fun playing around with daring looks that this palette has to offer!

In general, I was impressed by the products I received from Live Love London with the exception of the lipsticks. I was sorry that the quality of the lipsticks didn't reach the level set by the other products but all-in-all, I was very impressed. Some of the products in this post have managed to worm their way into my daily makeup routine. If you have tried Live Love London in the past, let me know what you thought of the products.

If you have any suggestions for blog posts you would like to see in the future let me now also!

Thanks for reading,
Clare x

PS if you wish to purchase Live Love London online, you can find their products here.

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