Friday, 13 May 2016

My Favourite Snapchatters | Pale and Interesting


In recent weeks I've noticed that "My Favourite Snapchatters" post is becoming increasingly popular on the blogs I read. In the past couple of weeks I've started using Snapchat a lot more and as a result I have a list of my favourite Snapchatters.

Today I've decided to stick to the Irish Snapchatters. If I showed my favourites from all around the world I'd be here for days.  If you wish to follow me on Snapchat you can find me at @paleninterestin . 

Jane - @janeinglot
As an Inglot addict, I love to see what's happening behind the scenes. Jane brings us around the country to various store locations and Inglot events. Jane also gives fitness updates and at the moment she's moving house! Jane seems really lovely and I hope that one day she'll be in my nearest Inglot at the same time as me so I can say hello.

Anouska -
Anouska is the embodiment of happiness on her Snaps. She's always full of life and her Story makes me smile whenever I watch. She's travelling in America at the moment and her Snaps are magical.

Erika - Retro Flame
Coachella season has come and gone and Erika was one of the few fortunate enough to go. I loved watching her snaps at Coachella. She looked so stylish each day and I got some serious outfit inspiration. She seems so sweet and is absolutely gorgeous!

James Kavanagh - @jameskava
Two words - v gorge!
James is hilarious and I can't watch his Story without bursting out laughing! At the end of the day I love to take a few minutes to watch it and have a good laugh.

Tara - @tarmar
I've loved Tara's YouTube for a long time but only recently did I discover her Snapchat. Her whole life seems to be one big photo-op. Also, I love her hair! She was part of the reason I got mine cut short!

I hope you enjoyed this post!
 Let me know your favourite Snapchatters so that I can add them! Also, leave your Snapchats down below so I can add you too!

Talk to you soon!
Clare x

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