Sunday, 3 July 2016

A Letter To My Younger Self | Pale and Interesting

How're you? I hope everyone's well!
Today, I've written a letter to my younger self. I want to keep the intro short so I'll start now.

Hi Clare,

How's life? I hope you're happy and having lots of fun. I'm writing to you from 2016!

How's the viola going? I know you're having a little trouble learning. Stick at it and it will get a lot easier and so much fun! Last year the orchestra went to Barcelona and the year before we went to Vienna. It's a time consuming hobby but you'll make so many friends.

I've got a little tip for school. When you've got a question, ask it! I know you're a little ball of nerves and you're afraid you'll look like an eejit but it's worth it! I started when I started secondary school and now I'm so comfortable doing it. I'd have little problem belting out a song in front of my class and thanks to my newfound confidence I wouldn't stop when the begging for mercy started.

I'm doing my very best not to scream out "TRY OUT FOR THE DEBATING TEAM!!!". Debating, Clare, will help you out so much. Your confidence levels will go through the roof. Soon you'll be the obnoxious Clare of 2016! Still not converted? Spoiler alert, Maeve gets a space on the team. Wouldn't it be awkward if Maeve got a space and you didn't?
The five other debaters and you will make an amazing team but also a very close knit family. Cherish those Tuesday and Thursday mornings when there was debating practice for the team before school. I often think of those mornings and miss them.

I have something to say about friends too.
I want to applaud you for making such good judgement on that first day of Junior Infants and choosing such a good best friend.
Even though you're not going to different secondary schools, you'll be closer than ever. Oh, and #triptotipps really do happen.
I know you're a bit worried because some people have been trying to steal that best friend of yours. Don't worry, they'll lose interest after a few weeks.
Finally, appreciate Maeve! She 's the best friend ever. Only recently did I realise that you have a very special friendship with her. So twins? You're very lucky to have her!

A girl posing as a friend is about to come into your life. She's actually very mean and will say some hurtful things. This wont be too much of a bother to you, though, because I know you have a thick skin. Take screenshots of the texts and then you can laugh it off with Maeve.

I'm going to leave it here. Have loads of fun and enjoy being a little one!
Write back!

Your favourite,
2016 Clare

Thanks for reading!
Clare x


  1. Omg this is so cute!!
    Also love you too you <33
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  2. Lovely post! It was so interesting xx

  3. This is such a sweet and inventive letter! x
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